We are probably just like you.

We are partners, parents, athletes and business owners. We have succeeded at some things, failed at others. Bad driving and typos drive us crazy, our kids make us cry with joy one day and drive us mad the next. We practice yoga, but we’re not “good” at it. We eat pretty healthy, until we don’t, and then we’re back at healthy again. Although it seems like a glass of wine won’t solve the day’s problems, we’re not afraid to try.

We struggle with life at times - just like everyone else - and we also struggle to understand, to feel, to stay present. In the modern culture full of distractions and societal norms that would shock our grandparents, it’s not easy to be mindful of what we are doing at any given time. But we found that staying present, through deliberately mindful action and meditation, is the gateway to a happier and healthier life.  

But you’re not going to find a post of us dressed in expensive matching outfits, surrounded by kale supplements, doing handstands on the top of the mountain at sunrise. That’s not what we are about, nor is the purpose of our company to encourage you to reach for an extreme. One Single Breath came from finding ourselves relaying our experience of mindful choices with other people - people just like us - talking about things that have helped us be more present and thus more able to be happy and healthy. Whether it was our friends, family or the other parents on the sidelines, we found that people would benefit from learning that something simple, even just mindfully taking one single breath, would improve their well being.

For many, a bracelet or necklace will be a simple reminder of the choice to stay present, to focus on being aware of yourself, your breathing, whatever it is that you are really doing at any given moment, whether it’s handstands on the mountain top or listening - really listening - to your kids after practice. And so we are encouraging a realistic approach to increasing both our presence and attention and yours, because we are just like you.